Our office has oversight of the budget and finances of Academic Affairs which includes the allocation of permanent and temporary funds.

Variance Reporting:

Finance managers must monitor, review, and report on a regular basis the financial performance of their area of responsibility. Depending on the funding source, reporting should include an explanation of the variance and may be required on a monthly or quarterly basis.

For E&G or auxiliary variance reporting please run an AS report in PantherSoft and complete the variance sections within the report. Visit the PantherSoft | Online Training website for guides and other helpful information that might assist you while running your reports in the Financial Reporting system.

Instructional Fees:

Proposed fees or modification of current fees that are charged by the academic units to the students should be approved by Academic Affairs during the fiscal year budget process and is to be implemented at the beginning of the following academic year. These fees are to be reevaluated on a yearly basis.

Equipment Use Fee:

Material and Supply Fee: