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The Office of the Department Chairs' Ombuds at FIU is intended to:

  • serve as an independent, neutral, informal, and confidential, resource for all chairs of university departments and directors who serve as chairs
  • enhance the work environment for department chairs at FIU
  • support department chairs' administrative responsibilities
  • further FIU's adherence to ethical university conduct and values

What the Office Does

The Office is a resource for department chairs who seek guidance on how to address and resolve workplace issues. The Office maintains the confidentiality of individual communications and provides informal conflict resolution.

The Office attempts to identify recurrent academic workplace issues or themes brought up by department chairs and discuss with the Provost possible changes in policy, practice, or procedures to address them.


The Office of the Department Chairs' Ombuds is made available to department chairs with the express understanding that it provides them with a confidential and neutral channel of communication. Accordingly, no FIU employee at any level may compel an Ombuds to disclose a confidence, and it is not appropriate for either FIU or any person who uses the Office to attempt to compel an Ombuds to reveal confidential communications in any legal proceeding. Use of the Office will be considered to be an agreement to these conditions.

Important Exceptions to Confidentiality

Exceptions to confidentiality include: 1) any issues that the Ombuds determines to create an imminent threat of serious harm to an individual or to the University; or 2) orders by a court to disclose information.

Who is the Department Chairs' Ombuds?

The Office of the Department Chairs' Ombuds is operated by the Faculty Fellow in the Office of the Provost. The 2011–2013 Faculty Fellow and Department Chairs' Ombuds is Kathleen Wilson Professor of Voice, School of Music.

Hours and Contact Information

The hours of operation are 8:30AM-5:30PM. Meetings may be held in any location on or near campus as mutually determined by the needs and desires of the department chair.

Contact the Office by email at: or by phone at 305-348-1999.

Do not leave information you wish to remain confidential in a phone message or email.

Learn More

To learn more about how you might utilize the services of the Office of the Department Chairs' Ombuds, please see the charter governing its operation.