Welcome to our Faculty Resources page. The goal of this page is to serve as a one stop shop for the FIU faculty. Below are links to resources that you as a FIU faculty member may need or find useful.

The University Differential Assignment Procedures are the guiding principles for fair and equitable workload for all faculty of the university. However, each unit will define within their policies what constitutes differential assignments based on varying levels of research/creative activities/scholarship, teaching, and service. The unit policies are required to be approved by the Office of the Provost.


Panther180 - Faculty Activity Reporting System

All faculty review processes including annual evaluations, assignments, Third Year Review, Tenure & Promotion, Non-Tenure Track Promotion, Clinical/Professional Practice/Research Faculty Promotions, Sustained Performance Review, Sabbaticals/Professional Development Leave are conducted using the online faculty activity reporting system, Panther180. For more information, please visit https://panther180.fiu.edu/.


Tenure and Promotion:

The objective of tenure is to build a stronger University through the recognition of the meritorious performance of faculty.



Third Year Review

Tenure as a Condition of Employment Guidelines

Tenure Clock Adjustments

Tenure-earning faculty normally apply for Third Year Review in their third year of employment and tenure in their sixth year of employment. Rare instances may create the need for a tenure clock adjustment. To request a tenure clock adjustment, please complete the form below and send to facultypromotion@fiu.edu for review.

Sustained Performance Review

Effective Spring 2018, the Sustained Performance Review process will be conducted fully online using Panther180. Each year, the schedule and list of eligible faculty will be communicated to deans and chairs.

Appointment and Promotion of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty:

Effective academic year 2019-2020, all Non-Tenure Track Promotions will be conducted using Panther180. This includes the Instructor/Lecturer Promotion Process, Clinical, Professional Practice, and Research Faculty Promotion. All promotion applications will follow the established university schedule below:

Instructors and Lecturers

The objective of a promotion track for non-tenure-track instructors and lecturers is to build a stronger University through the recognition of their outstanding teaching record and contribution to the University.

Clinical, Professional Practice, and Research Faculty

Requirements for appointment to and promotion within clinical/professional practice/research positions will be determined by the individual colleges/units, and should be developed in accordance with appropriate BOT rules, the BOT-UFF Collective Bargaining Agreement, appropriate policies, and the University's Tenure and Promotion Manual. Each college/unit making clinical/professional practice/research appointments must develop appointment and promotion guidelines through a college/unit faculty committee. The guidelines must be approved by the college/unit faculty governance body, the dean, and the Faculty Senate prior to final approval by the Provost. Approved guidelines will be appended to the College/School's Tenure and Promotion Manual.

Distinguished University Professor:

The rank of Distinguished University Professor is the highest recognition available to Full Professors of the University. These Professors are the leaders of FIU and set the example for research, scholarship, creative activities, teaching, and service excellence. To qualify for the rank of Distinguished University Professor, the individual must have held the rank of full professor for five years and be recognized as a pioneering force in her/his specific area of research/scholarship/creative activities.
Please click here to view the procedures.


Guidelines for the selection of Chairs and Deans:

In compliance with University policy on Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action to hire and advance minorities and women as well as qualified individuals with disabilities and covered veterans, the Office of the Provost strives to achieve equity and representation among candidates for Faculty administrative positions. We are committed to establishing a transparent and consultative process. With these Guidelines, the Office of the Provost advances the principle of shared faculty governance.


Guidelines for Faculty Search and Screen:

As a state university, Florida International University is committed to the principles of affirmative action and equal opportunity in education and employment. We take seriously our responsibility to provide leadership in ensuring equal employment opportunities. These procedures help to further the mission of the University and to ensure the University's compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.



Sabbaticals are granted to increase tenured faculty members' value to the University through enhanced opportunities for planned travel, research, writing, professional renewal, study, formal education or other experiences of professional value.


Professional Development Leave (PDL)

To provide employees who are not eligible for Sabbatical Leaves with leave opportunities to increase the employee's value to the University through enhanced opportunities for professional renewal, educational travel, formal education, research, writing or other experience of professional value, not as a reward for service.

All aspects of the professional development leave application including submission, review, and award notification will be conducted through Panther180. Paper applications and supporting materials will not be accepted. Please contact sabbatical@fiu.edu if you have any questions about the application process.

Faculty Terminal Degree Tuition Reimbursement Program:

As outlined in the 2015-2018 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) this program serves to provide eligible faculty members who do not have a terminal degree in their discipline the opportunity to apply to receive tuition reimbursement for courses completed at another fully accredited university.

Leave of Absence:

If you would like to request a leave of absence (LOA) please complete the Leave of Absence Request available in the Benefit Forms section through Human Resources Employee Self Service, Employee Resources, Employee Forms at my.fiu.edu and submit it to your immediate supervisor to begin the approval process.

Outside Activities and Conflict of Interest Report:

Faculty members may engage in outside activities which provide service to the community and increase professional reputations or income. An employee who proposes to engage in any outside activity shall report to their supervisor, using the appropriate form below, the details of such proposed activity prior to engaging therein.

Deferred Earnings Program (DEP):

The program provides 9-month Faculty the alternative to exercise an option to receive payment of their annual salary amount over a twelve (12) month period. This method of payment is available on an optional basis only.

If you are interested in the DEP please visit the Human Resources website where you can find more information about the program and the enrollment form.

Collective Bargaining:

Terms and Conditions of employment for faculty employees are governed by the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the bargained Faculty Policies between the United Faculty of Florida-Florida International University (UFF-FIU) and the Florida International University Board of Trustees (FIU-BOT).


Memorandums of Understanding related to COVID-19 and Working Conditions:

Current Collective Bargaining Agreement:

For previous agreements please click here.