8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

If a faculty wants to designate an Administrative Assistant from their unit to complete data entry for their faculty profile, a Panther180 Support Account Access Request Form will be required in order for the Administrative Assistant to have access.

The level of access range from Full Administrative Rights; Report Rights Only and Limited Access. To complete the form, please click link below:

Panther180 Support Account Access Request Form

Academic Affairs is pleased to announce the launch of Panther180, a comprehensive systems solution to record and publicize faculty achievements. Panther180 will provide a central location for the faculty to record their achievements and eliminate data redundancy. With this electronic management, internal support units will obtain needed information to promote the work and scholarship of our faculty.

As FIU continues to grow and be Worldsahead, Panther180 is new web based for faculty activity reporting system that was launched on February 8, 2016. The system will be used to record and publicize faculty achievements as well as serve as the centralized system for faculty assignments and evaluations, Tenure & Promotion, Non-Tenure Track Promotion, Third Year Review, Sabbaticals and Professional Development Leave applications.

Panther180 System Features and User Benefits:
1. A single place to record activities in teaching, research, creative works, scholarship, service, and awards
2. 24/7 Access from any web browser on or off campus
3. Current Curriculum vitae (CV) to use in annual reports, promotion and tenure reviews, academic program reviews and grant submissions
4. Real time CV updates to personal and departmental websites
5. Printable CV's in two versions: Word or PDF format
6. Ability to more easily and effectively publicize research and teaching activities
7. Improve data quality, eliminate data redundancy
8. Ability to review data for updates and/or corrections
9. Date range for reporting purposes
10. Streamline workflows
11. Self-service reporting
12. Faculty evaluation and performance reviews

Please note: Faculty employees are responsible to review their data to correct, modify, add or delete information to ensure accuracy.

Interfolio Tutorial/Webinars

Faculty Users
- Faculty Activity Input Webinar (April 2018)
- Panther180 Log-In Tutorial
- Evaluation Acknowledgement Confirmation Tutorial
- Submitting T&P Files in Panther180
- Submitting Self-Evaluations in Panther180
- Submitting NTTP Files in Panther180
- Submitting Faculty Evalutions in Panther180
- Submitting Sabbatical Applications in Panther180
- Submitting PDL Applications in Panther180

Admin Users
- Panther180 Faculty Administrator Webinar (April 2018)
- Panther180 Log-In Tutorial
- Emulating a Faculty Member Tutorial
- Reviewing Sabbatical Applications in Panther180