Effective: August 29, 1994

To specify the process for the formulation, review and dissemination of undergraduate policies and procedures.

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

The Undergraduate Policies and Procedures Manual is considered the authoritative manual for the official University policies and procedures for the governance of undergraduate programs. These policies and procedures are the basic guidelines and minimum requirements for undergraduate program development, implementation, and evaluation. All undergraduate programs including cooperative and affiliated programs must conform to these guidelines and requirements. The Office of Undergraduate Studies is responsible for the maintenance and distribution of the Undergraduate Policies and Procedures Manual. The Undergraduate Council is the body of the Faculty Senate responsible for the initiation and development of recommendations for undergraduate policies and procedures in consultation with members of the faculty, Council of Deans and the Provost.

Undergraduate Council recommendations approved by the Faculty Senate are forwarded to the Provost, who seeks the review of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and the Council of Deans prior to concurring or dissenting. If revision is desired, the policy statement with suggested revision is returned to the Faculty Senate.

After completing this process, the policy or procedure is officially entered into the Undergraduate Policies and Procedures Manual by the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. Compliance is monitored by the academic deans, the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and the Faculty Senate Undergraduate Council.

The Undergraduate Policies and Procedures Manual can be found here:

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